This website is more professional than the other 2, as the other 2 were soley based on creativity and what I could do with my knowledge

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About my passion

Clay art, You already know about my pixel art.

In the past month of quaratine, I have gotten into clay sculpting, as I found a youtuber, Dr. Garuda who did it and I found it quite a catch.

In the picture above, it is a sculpture of Jotaro Kujo

School I wish to go to

Title description, Sep 2, 2017

San Fancisco Art Institute

This school is one of the oldest art schools in America, and since its a private school, it may be a tad harder to get in. Though, I will not give up and I will get accepted. There is alot of history, and the campus itself looks.. well neat. They have plenty enough resources to pursue my passion of art, but thats really it for this.

About Me

I'm just some kid who has likes art, I draw pixel art, I try to make my pieces nice to the eye.

The history of Clay art

Clay art was around since the days that we were cavemen, ususally made with dirt, and other materials, this art form was commonly used for more than just appreciation, such as Pottery. Pottery helped us develop our science, as it let us carry materials across distances and overall just being a well thought out art form that ultimated contributed to the foundation of science itself