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The History of Pixel art

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"Evil Otto" -Bezerk 1980

Pixel art was first coined as a term in 1982, however the first time it was percieved as a concept was 1972. However, the style itself was around as long as videogames were around, as thats all they could make graphics with. The artstyle is usually based off on NES, and SNES art. This appeal was due to the detail put into the limited hardware of the NES and SNES

I'm into Touhou project, JoJo, and especially Megaman, (specifically Classic series)

this was kind of rushed due to time, but I think it turned out well!

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My name is Isaac Kinney, I'm just some animator who adores the pixel art style, which is inspired by retro game graphics


I don't have anywhere you can at the moment, but hopefully I will have it soon